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The Precinct: Mar 30th 2014

Modus Operandi:  The Neighbors Never Noticed... SHOOTERS: Shoot your mug with a description of something other people don’t know or notice about you. SKETCH ARTISTS: Pick a magazine image or photo, and then paint over it, using the outline of a second image to keep part of the first image clean. Then use a second color to paint over the picture… over the eyes… over the mouth… or even drizzled down the page. If you're new here, and wanting to know more about this year's Precinct, GO HERE RACHEL "People don't notice my soft side..." LARA I used my Gelli Plate to print over a photo of myself. I masked my eyes with ripped paper. I also used Gesso to make some drips and spatters as well as on stamps to create more layers. The quote is something i've been meditating on for a couple of weeks now. Not only do i tend to overthink everything, but i probably cause more detriment to myself doing it. DEB Hi Guys!! is my go at the pr

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