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Every December, here at A Year in the Life of an Art Journal, (sometimes sooner) I sit down, and think about what the next year will hold. I think about what I am willing and able to give... I think about who might be a good fit for new hosts for the year... I talk with my current hosts about who would like to stay on with me. All of these things are weighed... and I start preparing for the new season, and I hope that others will come along with me on the next year's journey.

This past year, I took part in a portrait challenge hosted by one of my mentors, Jane Spakowsky. Actually, I'm still working on finishing it. The challenge is Gritty Jane's 40 Portraits. It's on going, and I still have time to finish it, but when I started working in the group, I realized that portraits would be a really fun project for an art journal!! So I started brain storming some ideas for how I wanted to incorporate portraits into something for the coming year. I have the idea now, and I'll share more about it once we're done with this year, but in the mean time, Jane has a portrait class that she will be closing the doors to (for new students) before the coming year. She has discounted the class, and once you have paid for the class, you will have access to it *indefinitely* even once she is no longer accepting new students. I signed up for it. You don't HAVE to in order to play along with next year's prompts, but I wanted to share the opportunity with you. What would normally be a $70.00 class, is being offered for only $40.00 until the end of 2013. After that, you won't be able to be part of the class unless you already ARE a part of the class. Like I said, it's totally NOT needed to be part of the challenges here this coming year.
If you're interested, GO HERE!! 
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  1. I'm doing 40 portraits too and have managed a whole 3 so far (big whoop!) :P For about 3 years I have meant to take part in A Year in the Life but never seem to get round to it. Maybe this is the year :)

  2. I think this year is going to be fun!! I hope we have you on board with us this year, Carmen!

  3. Thanks. I like the portrait idea. Can't wait to see how you incorporate it.


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