The Precinct: Jan 15th 2014

WELCOME!! I am so totally excited for this year!! I have new and returning guest hosts that I will be introducing to you over the next few weeks, and the prompts this year are going to be FUN!! 

Modus Operandi: Facial Composite Kit
SHOOTERS: Shoot your mug with a description of how you think other people see you. (friendly, shy, bitter, angry, loving)
SKETCH ARTISTS: Use the tutorial in the image below to practice getting your “kit” together! Remember that your sketches do not need to look realistic! We’re just getting familiar with faces.

If you're new here, and wanting to know more about this year's Precinct, GO HERE. Click on any of the images here to view them larger. 

G'day everyone!!!
Deb here... I'm having a go at this prompt business...and this weeks' prompt was the "Facial Composite Kit'. I tried to approach this scientifically, you know.. to get the feel for the shape of the mouth, the proportion and so on..
I sat myself up in front of the mirror and just went for it. I tried not to let the whole face overwhelm me- just think of it as a shape on a shape on a shape.
Turns out in my first attempt I look pretty miserable and supremely serious if you go by this!!!

But then I thought about how I would draw myself that shows how other people see me..(well, at least what I think they think they see!!)...wait..huh?
Anyway.. this is it..
I know that I  tend to be loud and make a lot of really silly and ugly faces..(especially if there is a camera pointed at me!!!)..but I like to think I am a fun and a little out there type of I hope that's what people see.
So..what do YOU think people see when they look at you?? Just get in and have a won't be sorry!
Deb Gxxoo


I had a blast these last couple weeks getting my art journal ready!! You can see more of the pages I create for the inside on the Gauche Alchemy website HERE, and you'll be able to see my cover Jan 20th, on the Amazing Mold Putty blog HERE! I journaled a little bit about how people view me, but I also journaled a bit about the parts of me they seem to often miss. Then I shot my page, along with my sketches, and my MUGSHOT


Ok, I'll admit it...I'm an artist who couldn't draw her way out of a wet paper bag. I sculpt. I create with paint and paper. I even crochet and make an occasional quilt. But drawing? Like a FACE? Normally, I'd say count me out. Until I heard about this art journal theme and decided to stretch my creative horizons. My word for 2014 is CREATE. I'm excited to try new things and maybe even learn a few new techniques that have to do with *gasp* DRAWING. This self-portrait is actually based on my driver's license photo...and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out! I hope you'll join in with this prompt and show us your interpretation of a face sketch. You just may surprise yourself!


I found this prompt a little challenging. How do I 'think' other people see ME? I could list attributes that I hope people see me as but I have no clue how people really view me & I think it might be different from the different facets of our lives. So anyway I cheated. I texted a friend & asked for a word & she gave me AWESOME. And I used this pretty butterfly cup I got for Christmas from another awesome friend. 

  1. Use all or just part of the prompts.
  2. MAKE THEM YOURS. These prompts are IDEAS. They are not set in stone. I encourage you to stretch yourself. If you find a prompt doesn't speak to you, think on it. Find a way to MAKE it speak to you, and go with that. 
  3. SHOOTERS: You do NOT have to be a coffee drinker to play along! Tea, Water, Beer or the Hard Stuff. WE DON'T CARE!! Make the prompts work for you and your mug. (or lack there of)
  4. There is NO right or wrong.
  5. Share your feedback on the work of others that share here positively. ABSOLUTELY no judging of another person's work. (If I find that people aren't following this rule, I will remove links left by that person.)
  6. This is a place for you to explore! It doesn't matter if you've just gotten here in the middle of the year, or if you've gotten "behind" and don't create every day. It doesn't matter if you don't create at ALL... (although we'd love it if you do)  
  7. Add your link to what you book or shoot in the comments section of the posts here on the blog, that you create for! Be sure to add a DIRECT LINK. (you can get this most times by clicking on the title of your post, and then copying the URL.) General links to websites will be deleted (because they make it hard for people to follow behind and find the post pertaining to this prompt) ALSO, links leading to posts that do not make it clear how they are related to the prompts will be removed. 
  8. If you would like to "officially" sign up to be listed in our participants list, visit the sign up page, by clicking on GOT BADGE at the top of the page. (this is one area where direct links are not needed!)
Ready to join THE FORCE? 

All images and content on this blog is copyright to Rachel Whetzel and Guest Hosts. Please give credit when sharing your art that is inspired here! Thank you so much!!


  1. Susan's mug is adorable! I'm with Christi -- I too am an artist whose drawing is not my forte! I shall improve with this year's prompts!! Rachel, I love how your journal looks! I'll have to go visit your write-up about how you put it together.

  2. Is this the right spot to link? I hope my page is OK - first time playing along :)

    Rachel - thanks for that link - I pinned it :) Christi - I love that you used your driving licence id to sketch - mine I look like a zombie in! Susan - does it get much better than being a cup of awesome? Fantastic!

    Is this how you do this? Never posted before, but trying my hand at digital work. Thought I'd try sharing.

    1. Deb, your second picture made me laugh out loud! Seriously! :D Love it.

      Billie I love the way you did your 'Caught' picture! You definitely look guilty about something ;)

    2. Billie, this is just right! Thanks for sharing!! I love what you did!

    3. Haa! Thank you, ladies. Carmen, that's exactly what I'm always afraid of; that people find me shady looking. It's my main struggle at Bed and Breakfasts LOL

  4. Cute mug! Such a diverse blog :)
    Following you now :) Please follow back and return the support <3

  5. This was a rewarding challenge and I'm looking forward to the next one.

    Deb, I love the jump from one portrait to the next and the difference based on a scientific approach or by a friendlier one.

    Christi, love the word you've chosen for the year and the rainbow self-portrait.

    Rachel, what a fun journal you've put together .... perfect for both the art journalling and the written journalling.

    Susan, cool photo work and what a great feeling!

    My art journal page is here:


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