Sunday, January 15, 2012

Whatever and Whatnot Jan 15th

It's TIME!! The first prompt is HERE!! So before we start, a couple things.
Why journal prompts?
Because prompts can be a great motivator and stretcher of your creativity.
Why share your projects?
Because being part of a creative community is also a great motivator, and sharing experiences with others can be a catalyst in showing others they are not alone, and in making lasting connections with people.
The rules:
  1. Use all three or just one or two parts of the prompts.
  2. MAKE THEM YOURS. These prompts are IDEAS. They are not set in stone. I do encourage you to stretch yourself. If you find a prompt doesn't speak to you, think on it. Find a way to MAKE it speak to you, and go with that.
  3. There is NO right or wrong.
  4. Share your feedback positively. ABSOLUTELY no judging of what others share. (If I find that people aren't following this rule, I will remove links left by that person.)
  5. This is a place for you to explore! It doesn't matter if you've just gotten here in the middle of the year, or if you've gotten "behind" and don't create every day. It doesn't matter if you don't create at ALL... (although we'd love it if you do)
Are you ready!?
ie: along the lines of One Little Word, choose one word that embodies the way you want your year to be LIVED.
THE STUFF: Imagery
ie: Use images, clippings... all to create the FEELING of the word you choose.
ie: paint and doodle on your images to further create the emotion of your word.

Here's what the hosts and I created!
I blogged about my word HERE. This is my year to Nurture.
I hope to live this new year nurturing myself. Nurturing my and other's creativity. Nurturing friendships that nurture ME, Nurturing THIS BLOG!! (I can't believe I only posted here 37 times in 2011.) Nurturing my family, my garden... my heart.
For my page, I decided to paint using my liquid watercolors and my watercolor pastels... in real life, my sun doesn't look so much like a lemon... lol



My word for this year is Create. I thought I'd actually used this word before but when I went back & checked I found out I hadn't. I also discovered that even though I hadn't always had my word in the forefront of my mind that the word did reflect how my life had progressed during that year. I choose Create be mainly because I want to be more creative this year. I hope to create my own online recovery art business, create a place of serenity in my living quarters, spend more time with my creator, create passion in my life, create adventure, etc. My page comes from the prompts and also a class I'm taking FREE from Traci Bautista over at Strathmore. There are 3 free classes this year from various artist so check them out. So happy to be back & looking forward to all the future prompts!
I really liked this idea of picking a word for the first prompt. My word is "serenity" because it's something I so desperately need right now. I love this image because it is just so peaceful, so tranquil, something that this past year hasn't been for me. I'm hoping that 2012 will bring me serenity!!

HOLY COW!! What a great response we've already had on our "sign up" page!! (encouraged, but not required: sign up HERE)
We're trying a new format for links... It's just below in the post here, and you can leave a link to your project. Blogger doesn't automatically make URL's into links in it's comments, and so using this widget to add your link will make it so your projects are just a click away! I encourage you to leave a link, and come back to visit the links of others taking part in this year's prompts! Looking forward to seeing everyone's projects!!

All images and content on this blog is copyright to Rachel Whetzel and Guest Hosts. Please give credit when sharing your art that is inspired here! Thank you so much!!


  1. I love all of these journal pages! Wonderful job ladies!!!

  2. love the pages . wanted to share what I did,but I couldn't get it to work .

  3. Vicki, you have to use a direct link to the post you made for your project. If you can't get it to work even with that, then you can leave a comment here, and share the link. We'll just have to copy and paste to follow it. :)

  4. Here's vikki's link:

  5. This is my first year doing this. Quite excited. I plan on working on mine tonight I had jsut the word in my head without even having to think about it! ubber excited for this great motivation! I'll be sure to link up when I've gotten a post up about it.. is that how linking up works? I signed up but not sure if I can link up now or after i've posted a completed piece. Thanks again.

  6. Never mind I just noticed your comment above. How many prompts are there. Like one per month, week, etc. Thanks!

  7. Prompts go up on the 15th and 30th of every month. Welcome to the group!! :)

  8. Yay! Tomorrow I will work on my page. I plan to really try hard to keep up. I love the prompts and this year sounds fun.

  9. Got mine linked up. Said it was waiting to be approved by you. it can be found here

  10. So happy I stumbled upon this group! I'm Charissa and I blog over at!

    You can see my "word" pages here!

    Looking forward to getting to know & be inspired by all of you!


  11. Hi, can anybody join in the journal challenge? :)

  12. Hopefully my link worked, but just in case...

  13. Yay - i got the first one done :)
    Look forward to many more:

  14. This is awesome. I'm joining in late this year, but better late than never, right?

    Here's my entry:;postID=3426314709754809058


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