Monday Mugshots Collaboration Nov. 30th

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PROMPT: Fall and Change
SHOOTERS: Shoot your mug in the leaves on the ground, or with bare branches in the background.
BOOKERS: Instead of taking the "normal" slant that we prompt blogs like to take around Thanks Giving, I'd like to twist things a bit, and create a page based on the tradition of Winter Solstice. Winter Solstice is a time of change (much like Fall) traditionally, a person might write down some things they would like to let go of or forget in the coming year, and then burn those things in a fire on the night of the 21st as they celebrate the coming of longer days in the new year. I would like you to write a few of those things down, roll them up, and place them on a page LIKE SO: and create over the top of them.


 This was a very interesting prompt and I must admit I have never written down things and then rolled them up and put them onto my journal so this was a first for me! I wrote down things that I would like to let go of as well as things that I wish would change and used the title "Don't worry", as well as a ton of paint! haha

Here is my project. Not only was this a very fun page, but it was VERY healing! Writing what you are releasing as we head into the Winter Solstice and then creating beauty out of what can stir up pain from the past was so very powerful. It helped me to heal even more. What a great challenge!
 Watercolor Paper 140 lb (taped inside journal) 
 Distress Ink Pads 
 Book Pages 
DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Acrylic Paint (Glorious Gold) 
Matte Gel Medium 
Glue Dots
The rules
  1. Use all or just part of the prompts.
  2. MAKE THEM YOURS. These prompts are IDEAS. They are not set in stone. I encourage you to stretch yourself. If you find a prompt doesn't speak to you, think on it. Find a way to MAKE it speak to you, and go with that. 
  3. You do NOT have to be a coffee drinker to play along! Tea, Water, Beer or the Hard Stuff. WE DON'T CARE!! Make the prompts work for you and your mug. (or lack there of)
  4. There is NO right or wrong.
  5. Share your feedback positively. ABSOLUTELY no judging of what others share. (If I find that people aren't following this rule, I will remove links left by that person.)
  6. This is a place for you to explore! It doesn't matter if you've just gotten here in the middle of the year, or if you've gotten "behind" and don't create every day. It doesn't matter if you don't create at ALL... (although we'd love it if you do)  
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~rachel All images and content on this blog is copyright to Rachel Whetzel and Guest Hosts. Please give credit when sharing your art that is inspired here! Thank you so much!!



    Here is my entry for this challenge.

  2. See my 5:35 am mugshot!

  3. I really enjoyed this prompt and thank you for the inspiration of the scrolls.

  4. I'll comment on Glenda and Sumaiyah's pages here:

    SUMAIYAH, I absolutely agree with the healing part of this prompt. You can sense an energy pointing upwards from the releasing energy in your journal pages.

    GLENDA I like the stencils and colors you used and the reminding words of "don't worry."

    the leaves are looking like that here too! Calming colors!


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