Whatever and Whatnot Feb 15th

Thank goodness for my guest hosts!! I have not had time to get this prompt done. I will! Just haven't been able to yet. I'll probably have to add it to the post later. In the mean time, I can't wait to see what you all create!
THE PROMPT: My Favorite Things

ie: a few of the things you LOVE about someone you love. Can be alive or dead.
THE STUFF: Lists and ephemera
ie: have a few tokens from that someone? Maybe the cover of the CD with "your song" or a napkin from the restaurant you both love to eat at...
ie: Use pockets to store those "things" on your page.

I have so many scrapbooking supplies that I "just had to have" when the craze was on so I used a bunch of them in place of ephemera. I did a page on what I love about my husband and loved the eclectic mix of goodies on this page. It's times like these that I'm glad I hoarded so many scrap supplies because it truly does come in handy when art journaling, so dig into those scrapbooking supplies people!!
Don't be afraid to mix it up!

Call me a crazy cat lady but I love my kitties. I'd just taken some cute pics of Hambly (yes he's named after my FAV scrap company) so I decided to do my page abt him. I used a tag to do my journaling on & the heart is bits of crumpled silver tissue paper.

Nine Years - A Year in the Life of an Art Journal.

This prompt came at a perfect time, not only for Valentine's Day but because Valentine's Day is actually the nine year anniversary of my husband and I's first date. (We didn't plan that by the way, it was just the first Friday we could get together on!) So I just had to do a page about my husband, but my goodness, I could list favorite things for days. I decided to make a quick list of stuff that happened this week that I loved.
I used a tag off my Valentine's Day gift to make a pocket for the list. The twine is also from the gift packaging and then I used a receipt from a recent restaurant outing behind the photo. I love that his handwriting is on it, from writing in our tip and total. I wasn't expecting the glue to cause that mottled reaction on the receipt paper, but I love the effect.
And so, this page has all kinds of cliche going on, with valentines day, nine years together, how much I love my husband and how my favorite things are everything, but ah well, I love it anyways.

I know it's past the deadline, but I wanted to post it anyway because it's my goal to do everyone of these prompts...LOL! Last year I got too busy with other things like work...design team requirements, etc., that I just didn't get to devote enough time to my art journaling. This was a perfect prompt to use my son, AJ on. He is always keeping all his cool clothing tags, gear tags, etc., to give me because he knows I'll use them in my art journaling or scrapbooking. The week prior to this prompt being due he had given me a few tags from some of his new dirt biking gear (the red and black pieces on this page) and a golf shirt (nike tag). He knows I collect the coke points, and he brought me a bunch of those last week along with a ribbon that must have been on his Valentine's day gift from his girlfriend. I used the ribbon to make the pocket to put the ephemera in, then I just used a funny pic of him being buried in the sand when we were in Edisto this past summer. I wrote funny, thoughtful, caring, sentimental and loving over the photo because he is all those things to me. Thanks for a great prompt and as they say better late than never!
The rules:
  1. Use all three or just one or two parts of the prompts.
  2. MAKE THEM YOURS. These prompts are IDEAS. They are not set in stone. I do encourage you to stretch yourself. If you find a prompt doesn't speak to you, think on it. Find a way to MAKE it speak to you, and go with that.
  3. There is NO right or wrong.
  4. Share your feedback positively. ABSOLUTELY no judging of what others share. (If I find that people aren't following this rule, I will remove links left by that person.)
  5. This is a place for you to explore! It doesn't matter if you've just gotten here in the middle of the year, or if you've gotten "behind" and don't create every day. It doesn't matter if you don't create at ALL... (although we'd love it if you do)

All images and content on this blog is copyright to Rachel Whetzel and Guest Hosts. Please give credit when sharing your art that is inspired here! Thank you so much!!


  1. What a fun prompt! Can't wait to get started! As always, thanks for the awesome inspiration!!!

  2. I love this prompt! The kitty page is so cute!

  3. Love what you all did with the last one and didn't get to share. This one is really fun too. Will do my best to give it a try. Great prompts!!

  4. brilliant prompt;I need to get to work, so many ideas! x

  5. I have been so busy, that I haven't had a chance to do the last prompt. I am going to have to get busy.

  6. I like this creative work, you could choose more fine colors than those.

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  7. Oh i love this.. Thanks! :)



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