Whatever and Whatnot Jul 15th

SUMMER IS HERE!! What are you doing to celebrate?
THE PROMPT: Summer time
THE STUFF: Photos or lists of things you do to enjoy the summer... or clues in your life that let you know it's summer...
THE TECHNIQUE: Use watercolor paints and a straw to splatter paint on your page.
I had fun with this prompt and used a lot of paint, stamps, patterned paper, stickers, pretty much everything but the kitchen sink! I wrote randomly what I love about summer as well.

I've made a list of what makes summer special to me. 
I've made some splashes with black watercolor and straw. I also used the straw to blow yellow paint off the surface on the background.

 I decided to go digital with this one, and share a photo I took on my cell phone of my grandbaby. She lights my world, and this summer, we've been spending a ton of time in the sun and water together.
Now it's YOUR TURN!! Get creating, and share what you've done with our prompts here! 
The rules

  1. Use all three or just one or two parts of the prompts.
  2. MAKE THEM YOURS. These prompts are IDEAS. They are not set in stone. I do encourage you to stretch yourself. If you find a prompt doesn't speak to you, think on it. Find a way to MAKE it speak to you, and go with that.
  3. There is NO right or wrong.
  4. Share your feedback positively. ABSOLUTELY no judging of what others share. (If I find that people aren't following this rule, I will remove links left by that person.)
  5. This is a place for you to explore! It doesn't matter if you've just gotten here in the middle of the year, or if you've gotten "behind" and don't create every day. It doesn't matter if you don't create at ALL... (although we'd love it if you do) 

All images and content on this blog is copyright to Rachel Whetzel and Guest Hosts. Please give credit when sharing your art that is inspired here! Thank you so much!!


  1. I love your prompts and your examples and look forward to seeing them every month. The flower is my have and of course the grand baby : )
    Congrats on the new baby and many, many more years of fun!

    1. The flower is my fave :) Spell correct...not so much, lol.

    2. lol Thank you!! She's been such a joy already... and we've only had her in our lives for such a short time... :)

  2. This was my first attempt ever at an art journal page! The prompt spurred so many great ideas, I only wished my journal was bigger (but I can do more than one page, right??) Thanks for the fun prompt and inspiration!


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